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Welcome the full coverage of the viral video ‘CALA BOCA GALVÃO – Save Galvão Birds’, created by Fernando Motolese, considered by The New York Times as “one of history’s most successful cyberpranks”.


‘CALA BOCA GALVAO’ – in Portuguese “Shut up, Galvao” – started as an spontaneous Twitter campaign spread by Brazilians during FIFA`s 2010 World Cup. Brazilian soccer fans wanted to express their dissatisfaction with Galvao Bueno, the notorious cliché machine who is the leading soccer commentator for the biggest Brazilian television network, Rede Globo.

When CALA BOCA GALVAO hit the worldwide Trending Topic list on twitter, non-Brazilian Twitter users started to ask Brazilians what it was all about.

Brazilians, playful and inventive as ever quickly answered that it was a campaign to save the Galvao Bird, a rare and, as it happens, fictitious, Brazilian parrot in terrible danger.

Witnessing the rise of this spontaneous online cyberprank on Twitter, an idea was born: This was the perfect moment to launch a the video with a highly credible and emotive voice over telling the world about the plight of this poor, endangered animal. And so it was that the “Save Galvao Birds” video was launched on YouTube.

The video took the cyberprank to another level, the voice seeming to come right out of a BBC broadcast, lending a credibility to the video campaign that made all the difference.

For most of Brazilians it was the perfect opportunity to make fun of Galvão Bueno but at the same time it allowed them to play a joke on the rest of non-Brazilian/non-Portuguese speaking users on Twitter. For them, the video carried a credible and important message, showing how they could help save the endangered parrot by just tweeting CALA BOCA GALVAO.

Different messages, but both of them leading to the sentence beeing twetted on a worldwide scale.

A creative online campaign created by Fernando Motolese that the New York Times called “one of history’s most successful cyberpranks.”

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Credits for the Viral Video

Fernando Motolese @nandopax
Musical producer, composer and bloguer, founder of Wrote the script, selected and hired the voice over actor, produced the video and planned the viral launching strategy.

Stweart C. @produlz
BBC’s voice over actor, the London resident voice gave the credibility the viral video needed for its results. He is also part fo the voice over actors casting.

Mauricio Cid @naosalvo
Founder of “Nao Salvo”, the second biggest humor blog of Brazil. When his blog liked and launched the viral video, it was a tipping point for the viral process..

Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho
Made a joke on his twitter that was incorporated into the original viral video script. The “Silentium Galvanus” joke .


(in portuguese and made by Veja, the leading weekly magazine on Brazil)


> More than 1 million views on Youtube
> Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter for 2 weeks
> Winner of Brazilian film festival award “Visões Periféricas
> Nominated for MTV`s Video Music Awards Brasil
> More than 100 Stories published in the Brazilian and worldwide press, including El Pais and The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
> Rede Globo and Galvão Bueno joined the campaign in less than 3 days.
>”A hit on YouTube” and “quickly became a global internet meme” ?AdAge Global??> “were so successful at this, that it topped Twitter for two weeks”
Ethan Zuckerman ??> “More than 1 million tweets” said the cover of Veja, the leading weekly magazine on Brazil
> “Brazilian internet meme of the year” declared Folha, the leading newspaper in Brazil successfully showed the world that the right voice over can be strategic for a campaign. As a result, it has seen a five-fold increase in sales of its voice over services and has reached new markets, everywhere.


> “Save Galvão Birds” Winner of Brazilian film festival award “Visões Periféricas”

> TTBr and Hashtag of the year on Brazilian YouPix Best of Twittosphere 2010

> Internet Meme of the Year Award from Folha, the leading newspaper in Brazil


Nominated for MTV`s Video Music Awards Brazil (category: Webhit)

EPIC Moments

> Cartaz “Cala Boca Galvão” no jogo Brasil X Coréia

> Rede Globo and Galvão Bueno officialy joined the campaign in less than 3 days.

> New York Times – A Brazilian Twitter Campaign for the Birds

> Brazil Fools the World with Twitter Hoax

> CALA BOCA GALVAO was in the cover of Veja, the leading weekly magazine on Brazil

> Sign”Save the Galvão Birds” shown during offcial`s FIFA World Cup soccer match television transmission (during Brasil X The Netherlands match)

> Ethan Zuckerman talks about CALA BOCA GALVAO during the TED Talk 2010

> After the fever CALA BOCA GALVAO becomes a book

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Script Save Galvao Birds in English (en_UK)

Script Save Galvao Birds em Português (pt_BR)

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